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Mami’s Gelato offers a dry mix coconut milk-based product that provides an easy to use non-dairy dessert menu solution. Featured now at Mission Square Market, this product is drawing customers from miles away that are willing to drive the distance for some great vegan soft-serve ice cream. Mami’s also makes…(Read More)

Chartered Bus Service from: Irvine Spectrum – La Costa – Mission Bay Visit San Diego for an insider’s view of some of Southern California’s most promising new vegan food concepts. Each stop includes a brief presentation  and generous food samples.  We will explore culinary trends in raw vegan,  the future of vegan fast-food, the…(Read More)

Vegan Seafood: Get the Recipes Below July 2017 marked the first annual Vegan Seafood Month in Southern California and Baja Mexico with cooking classes at our public libraries, The Veg Fest in Tijuana, and lots of new recipes inspired by culinary adventures south of the border where I found Baja Mexico leading the way with…(Read More)

Crazy Good Vegan Meats


……Still loading!  Get your vegan meats here soon! Learn how tofu is the new White Meat:                                                         Vegan Chicken…so close to the real thing it could even…(Read More)

I was there in the school board room back in 2013 when the San Diego Unified School District voted to implement Meatless Mondays.  I was there again in 2015 with school administrators, state, and local politicians, and the press for the launch of California Fresh Thursdays. What I learned was shocking.  The California Fresh Thursdays…(Read More)

There is nothing quite like the amazing cuisine of Baja Mexico.  While travel warnings still exist there are some tours and events that have been traditionally untouched by bad news and continue to provide beautiful experiences for visitors.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and love both sides of the border, and I…(Read More)

  It was a great honor to be asked last spring to share some of my experiences and best practices in outreach, developing new programs, and working with food manufacturers and chefs in promoting plant-based foods. It’s an exciting time of change where plant-based foods represent the fastest growing segment of the…(Read More)