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Vegan Butchery: Fundamentals of  Vegan Sausage Making Making vegan sausage from scratch is surprisingly simple. Mash a base of beans or tofu, add vital wheat gluten and the seasoning of your choice.  Add a liquid (vegetable broth, beer, water) then knead the dough briefly until it is firm and elastic.  Cut the dough,  roll it…(Read More)

  APPLE CRISP A traditional fall favorite veganized.  Celebrate fall with a hot fragrant freshly baked apple crisp. Serve it a la mode with vegan ice cream or whipped cream. Enjoy all the goodness of pie without the crust.     GRILLED CHICK’N CAESAR SALAD Try it as an entree or in a wrap…(Read More)

Plant-Based Foods Education Free Community Classes        . Vegan Cooking 101 First Wednesday of each Month Point Loma Hervey Branch Library 6:00 – 7:30 PM, all ages welcome. Next class is Wednesday, August 3rd, Summer Stay Cool Recipes: Raw wraps and coconut milk ice cream. Link to Registration Vegan Cooking 101 Second Sunday of each…(Read More)

The Vegan Butcher: Basic Wheat Meat Techniques RECIPE: Vegan Carne Asada Tacos Nature has so many incredible substitutes for meat. The protein from wheat called vital wheat gluten can be used to create many meaty alternatives to pork, beef, and poultry.  It’s super easy to make but timing is everything.  Knead the dough just…(Read More)

VEGAN PASTRY & BAKING With the shift of a few simple ingredients you can take traditional recipes and recreate them using plant-based alternative ingredients and literally have it all again… but even better because no animal products are required.  Most vegan baked goods and desserts are so good no one can tell the difference…(Read More)