Plant-based living is something to really celebrate.  It can reverse and help eliminate our risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many cancers.  I’m eight years a vegan now and it feels awesome!

My pre-vegan life included over 15 years consulting to the foodservice industry and leading  traditional culinary arts programs.  I decided to give  it all up in the late 90’s and started working as a college recruiter, grant writer and scholarship manager.  During my last year of employment as a educational consultant with Southern California Edison I was introduced to the vegan diet and from there my life took a new turn again.  I was laid off from my six-figure consulting job at San Onofre in the spring of 2011 and decided to risk it all and start representing the smallest margin of opportunity, plant-based foods.  While the vegan population is still registering at under 10%  we are on our way now to creating significant and lasting change in foodservice ahead.

Happy New Year!
Liz Gary
Founder,  New Options Food Group
from the Point Loma Peninsula