Vegan Cooking 101: Free Cooking Classes at our Public Libraries


Vegan Cooking 101
First Wednesday of each Month
Point Loma Hervey Branch Library
Wednesday, June 5th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM, all ages welcome, classes are free
Vegan Grilling: Grill vegan sausages, marinated veggie and tofu kebobs served with lotus rice and a fresh raspberry sorbet. Link to Register

Vegan Cooking 101
Second Sunday of each Month
Pacific Beach Taylor Branch Library
Sunday, 1:oo – 2:30 PM, all ages welcome, classes are free
The Art of Arborio Rice:  Learn how to use arborio rice to make a spring risotto and vegan paella.  We’ll make a farmer’s market organic salad with our rice dishes and include a dessert recipe for homemade lemon bars. Link to Register

Vegan Adventures
Second Tuesday of the Month
Allied Gardens Library
Tuesday, July 9th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM, all ages welcome, classes are free
Enchiladas: Learn how to use a variety of plant-based fillings for enchiladas. Registration opens June 1st.  Link to Register

Participating sponsors who generously support plant-based foods education

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