The Amazing Vegan Food Revolution in Baja, Mexico


There is nothing quite like the amazing cuisine of Baja Mexico.  While travel warnings still exist there are some tours and events that have been traditionally untouched by bad news and continue to provide beautiful experiences for visitors.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and love both sides of the border, and I also have opinions and ideas on how we can solve some of our border problems.  More news here soon on the amazing food revolution in Baja. ¡Viva México!

Vegan Ceviche, Tijuana Veg Fest 2017






Veg Fest Tijuana 2017…Huge, Amazing, Fantastic!!






Coming again next year! Don’t miss this amazing VegFest event at the Centro Cultural, Tijuana, MX in early July 2017.







Ralph Rubio might want to make a run to Taquería Vegiee and try their no-shrimp taco! The next hottest menu item ::))










Tijuana Taco Tour with Mom

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