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The Vegan Menu

Survey of the incredible variety of new vegan meats, cheeses, dairy alternatives, egg replacers, condiments, salad dressings, desserts and baked goods available today. It’s an opportunity that will instantly boost your vegan culinary skills and show you simple new ways of approaching many recipes that will help to expand your plant-based foods offerings.  You can have it all, it’s incredibly good food and it’s all plant-based. We’ll review some of Southern California’s hottest vegan restaurants, bakeries and food products manufacturers, you’ll receive recipes, food samples, and take away your own new vegan menu ideas with suggestions for every meal and foodservice opportunity.

Help make a difference, expand your vegan menu and join in on the fastest growing culinary trend of our time.

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Vegan Baker Angel Wright Hughes, Whole Foods Hillcrest


New Product Development 

Plant-based foods preparation is a new and emerging field of the study in culinary arts. Many chefs with traditional training are left with very few options on their menus when it comes to filling a vegan or gluten-free menu request, that’s where New Options links the products and services that help fill the gap.

Experience exceptional ingredients and recipes that make plant-based foods preparation easy.  Trial a variety of  meat substitutes, egg substitutes, dairy alternatives and and even vegan seafood options.  Almost anything can be “veganized” and featured here is a new favorite.  The vegan cheesecake at Whole Foods Hillcrest made with a base of organic nigari tofu. The beautiful cheesecake above is vegan baker Angel Wright Hughes own version of the New Options: Basic Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

Wholesale Products

New Options works with product manufactures and foodservice professionals to bring together the products and services needed to expand vegan and gluten-free menu options.  Get to know some of the best local products available to support vegan menu development.  To request samples and information contact:



Premium quality cold pressed juices, assortment of fresh salads, organic and conventional cut fruits and vegetables,  salsas, vegan wraps, veggie burgers, and vegan baked goods, a full line of Mediterranean foods, and Central California fresh vacuum-packed artichokes.



Locally made ready-t0-go  vegan and gluten-free meals for kids created by a seasoned professional plant-based foods and nutrition expert.  For school foodservice and retail, these popular products are keeping kids happy with healthy food options.




Founded by a local graduate of the culinary program at the Art Institute in San Diego, this cookie dough maker is showing great promise for an exciting future.  Found in many local retail stores as a refrigerated ready to bake product, DOH is also making it’s way into restaurants and foodservice to fill the huge void in availability of vegan and gluten-free desserts.




Is Your Foodservice Establishment a Candidate for the Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Restaurant Campaign?


The Surfrider Foundation is helping to raise awareness to the environmental impacts of the use of plastics and styrofoam in foodservice. Tons of plastic and styrofoam are floating around in our oceans and washing up on our beaches.  Restaurants that choose environmentally friendly disposables and follow good recycling programs are awarded and recognized for their efforts to help curb this epidemic. Get recognized with social media and an endorsement from the Surfrider Foundation.  If your restaurant would like more information and learn about the benefits of qualifying for the program visit: Rise Above Plastics

If your restaurant follows ocean friendly practices the Surfrider Foundation wants to reward you. Review qualifications at the Rise Above Plastics website.  Qualified candidates receive a Surfrider Ocean Friendly window sticker and Surfrider Foundation endorsements through social media, newsletters and special events including beach clean ups.  Pictured below, Soy Leaf Healthy Grill, Pacifica del Mar, Jimmy’s Famous Tavern, OB Warehouse.